Moose Headlines

moosignNews from the world of moose…

There’s a moose at large in Vermont.

In New Hampshire, a brain worm was apparently the culprit.

Moose on the upswing in Michigan.

Up in Maine, Max the moose calls it quits.

Last but not least, a moose flip on video. Reportedly ok.

Lousy Time to Be a Moose

The Times reports:

Across North America — in places as far-flung as Montana and British Columbia, New Hampshire and Minnesota — moose populations are in steep decline. And no one is sure why. Twenty years ago, Minnesota had two geographically separate moose populations. One of them has virtually disappeared since the 1990s, declining to fewer than 100 from 4,000. The other population, in northeastern Minnesota, is dropping 25 percent a year and is now fewer than 3,000, down from 8,000. (The moose mortality rate used to be 8 percent to 12 percent a year.)

Many theories, though limited hard evidence … but a common thread: “What exactly has changed remains a mystery. Several factors are clearly at work. But a common thread in most hypotheses is climate change.”

Drunken Moose Alert

One imagines that most journalists make it through an entire career without encountering an opportunity to write the phrase “moose booze-binge.”



Fairplay, Colorado.